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Christian Hindley

Personal Trainer

Christian is a personal trainer, soft tissue therapist and corrective exercise specialist with over 10 years of professional experience helping people move out of acute and chronic pain, achieve their invidual health, performance, body composition and fitness goals, and facilitating a deeper awareness of the human mechanism as a whole.
The foundation of Christians approach to strength and conditioning is rooted in an amalgamation of a variety of disciplines including Pilates, Classical Hatha Yoga, Martial arts, Qi Gong and a long list of other more common and traditional training modalities you would expect to find in any real strength and conditioning facility .
” I feel as though many modern day approaches to health and fitness  ignore or are ignorant of the human system as a whole. My goal is to help clients develop resilience in the body , stability in the mind and realise an overall sense of vitality and well being so they are ready for whatever life  throws at them “.
Whether you have never stepped in a gym before, you are injured or you’re a seasoned athlete. All are welcome.  Please get in touch if you have any questions or to discuss your individual goals.