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Extraordinary Results

If you’re not creating the kind of success in your health and fitness, leading to the quality of life you aspire to, then you’re about to discover how to make it happen.

We all have the potential to make outstanding, transformational changes. The problem is, most people do fitness in exactly the same way as most people do fitness. And, like them, struggle or achieve comfortable mediocrity at best.

We offer you the opportunity to discover how to take control and make real change happen in your life ……

Coached CrossFit Sessions

Varied, Effective, Appropriate and Fun

Risebridge members participate in our CrossFit programme, a strength and conditioning programme designed to help people gain a broad and general fitness.  CrossFit concentrates on constantly varied functional movements performed at an appropriate intensity to achieve overall physical fitness, so people are prepared for any physical challenge. In short, it makes you good at everything!

Top 3 Benefits of CrossFit:

Physical Change

Your shape will change as you combine an exciting training programme with sensible nutritional choices.  You’ll feel stronger, healthier, faster, and more mobile.  You’ll experience more stamina than you ever thought possible.

If you are injured, in poor health or very unfit you will still benefit.  Your workouts will be appropriate to your needs and experience and you won’t feel like you are holding anyone up.

Confidence Boost

Enjoy improved self confidence, energy and positivity.  The discipline of learning how to move properly and applying it to challenging workouts is a very stimulating environment to be in.

Achieving success regularly in the gym will lead to achieving more in your home and work life too.  Life transformations are common place at Risebridge.

You’ll Make Friends

Working out at Risebridge is an incredibly supportive place to be.

You will work out alongside excellent and approachable coaches and fellow CrossFitters of all ages, experience and fitness levels.  You’ll find absolutely everyone will be there to help, offer friendship and keep you going.  You’ll be part of our team.

Call 01580 211775 or email info@risebridge.co.uk for more info now …. or

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